We’re always so excited when we come across church technology resources that are incredibly helpful to the Church! WELSTech is a ministry of WELS (Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod) and seeks to “explore the use of technology to further the spread of the gospel.” They have a live show on Tuesdays at 4pm CT, then the show is archived on the WELSTech website for replays. Video and audio episodes are released weekly.

WELSTech LogoThe show’s hosts, Sallie Draper and Martin Spriggs, do a great job of tackling a particular topic like social media or digital note taking just to name a few, and digging in. They interview several experts, share resources, and discuss best practices in a fresh way.

Several weeks ago, they interviewed me related to social media and the church:

The discussion:

Where things stand – We’ve likely moved beyond the point of calling church and school usage of social media “new territory,” but it is still unfamiliar and at times uncomfortable for many. Martin and Sallie share their thoughts on the best social channels for outreach, inreach and professional development.

WELSTech Episode 359 – The State of Social Media from WELS Streams on Vimeo.

I welcome you to pay attention to the valuable resources that WELSTech puts forth each week. What a valuable ministry!

What other podcasts/Google Hangouts do you listen to or watch to help you in your tech ministry?