Wasted time in the workplace is a massive problem. How big is exactly unclear, but from the research, the cost to business is in the millions (if not billions) in lost productivity every year. The infographic below explains just how much time we waste at work, the ways we waste it, and how businesses are grappling with the issue. The results are surprising, if not alarming:

40%  – Estimated productivity losses from non work related internet surfing.

15% – Despite widespread use and misuse of social media at work only 15% of companies have a social media policy.

50% – Percentage of employers who completely prohibit Facebook and Twitter at work.

70% – Amount of traffic to porn sites during the 9-5pm workday.

31.2% – Percentage of workers who feel that it is appropriate to surf non-work related sites everyday.



Does your church have a social media and internet usage policy for its staff that limits internet and/or social media use during the workday?