Capterra is a very useful software review site that has beefed up their church management software (ChMS) review listings, articles, and helps for churches over the past few years. Companies do pay to be listed on this site, like many other review sites, however, users are free to post reviews and comments. Some church software companies have over a hundred user reviews, making it very helpful for churches to take a peek into how the software is valued by its customers.

This recent infographic lists the top 20 most user-friendly church management software solutions. While user-friendliness might not be the most valued feature, user interface (or UI) plays a big role in how much churches utilize the software they purchase.

To make the most of your ChMS, it is important to select a software that everyone on staff (or volunteer users) can easily figure out how to access and implement the features most critical to their church’s needs.

Below is Capterra’s top 20 most user-friendly ChMS list which includes:

  1. ChurchTrac
  2. Breeze CHMS
  3. Elexio
  4. Church Office Online
  5. Fellowship One
  6. SimpleChurchCRM
  8. CFS Live
  9. Elvanto
  10. UCare
  11. ChurchApp
  12. Shining Light
  13. Bridge Element
  14. Roll Call by By the Book
  15. ChurchTeams
  16. Lumen
  17. Realm by ACS Technologies
  18. WebChurch Connect Lite
  19. Infoodle
  20. Fresh Vine

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Are there any other church software solutions that you would add to the list?

Most User-Friendly Church_Capterra Infographic