Over the weekend, I had the privilege of attending the Worship Conference 2011 at William Jessup University, which happens to be practically in my backyard. I was so encouraged by this conference, the speakers and session leaders, and the amazing worship led by Jason Squires and Brenton Brown. Among the many fabulous session leaders was Brook Drumm, owner of Vault Multimedia. 

Brook led a great session on smartphone apps for pastors and worship leaders, sharing info from his collection of blog posts on MinistryVault.com.

I even learned of several new phone apps that would be especially helpful for anyone in ministry. So here are Brook’s top 8 smartphone apps for pastors:

  1. Bible: God’s Holy Word
  2. Dropbox: Magical Cloud Storage
  3. Instapaper: Stuff you want to “Read Later”
  4. Elements: Dropbox Powered Text Editor
  5. Simplenote: Sync your notes to all devices
  6. Google Voice: Free phone calls and text messages.
  7. GoodReader: Easily read PDFs on your phone.
  8. Dragon Dictation: Dictate emails and texts on the go.

Brook has also built a custom app for broadcasting sermons, called PortableSermons.com. Definitely worth checking out.

Note: If you don’t have an iPhone, there are alternative apps for BlackBerry and Android if you search for them. Let me know if you can’t find a specific app that you are looking for; also if you would like to recommend an app that you think belongs on this list, please leave us a comment!