Church video announcements are a great way to convey essential information to the congregation each week. They’re also useful in preventing mistakes while giving live announcements or from announcements taking up too much time in service. The challenge lies in all the work involved in planning, preparing, shooting, editing, and completing these videos week in and week out.

If you don’t have a dedicated media team, or if that team is already at full capacity, you might consider leveraging the resources of a church video announcement company. Oftentimes they can provide you with the announcement videos you need at a fraction of what it would cost to hire a full-time (or even part-time) employee. While you may have to tighten up your announcement request deadlines to give them time to create each video, this type of service can save your church money while delivering video announcements you can feel great about.

Here are five excellent church video announcement companies that will help elevate your church’s professional delivery of its weekly announcements (in alphabetical order):

#1 – Green Screen Talent Now

With this company, you provide the script and select the spokesperson you want to represent your church. They’ll produce the custom church announcement video within 7-10 days.


  • 2-3 news spots each month: $599/month
  • 5-6 news spots each month: $1,199/month
  • 9 news spots each month: $2,199/month

All packages include a 2-minute intro/outro filming every 3 months (the $2,199 package includes this every month) plus custom branding and stock media.

#2 – My Church Announcement

With My Church Announcement, you choose from their library of templates for the theme that best fits your church, fill out the script online form, upload photos, and select background music.  


  • Starter: $49/month
    • One new video announcement per week
    • Up to 5 announcement spots
    • Your choice of music track
    • Voice over not included
  • Basic: $99/month
    • One video announcement per month
    • Your choice of music track
    • Up to 5 announcement spots
    • Voice over and 1 announcement monthly
  • Premium: $249/month
    • One new video announcement per week
    • Up to 5 announcement spots
    • Your choice of music track
    • Voice over and weekly announcements included

#3 – Pro-nounce 

Once you fill out their online form on Monday, they’ll deliver the announcement video on Thursday. They have both English and Spanish speaking actors to handle your church’s video announcement needs.


  • The first week is free
  • Bronze Level: $49/week – Includes two announcements
  • Silver Level: $99/week – Includes two announcements (in English and in Spanish) along with additional features
  • Gold Level: $199/week – Includes two announcements (in English and in Spanish) with additional features
  • Diamond Level: $249/week – Includes seven announcements (in English and in Spanish) with additional features

#4 – Pro Video Announcements

Pro Video Announcements offers the services of a team of creatives without the expense of hiring creatives full-time. They offer three distinct services: weekly video announcements, monthly sermon bumpers, and unlimited title graphics. You can select multiple services and receive a discounted rate.  


  • Weekly Video Announcements: $397 per month
  • Monthly Sermon Bumpers: $397 per month
  • Unlimited Title Graphics: $397 per month

If you choose two out of the three services, the price is $697 per month (a $97 discount). If you choose all three services, the price is $897 per month (a $294 discount).

#5 – Twelve:Thirty Media

The Twelve:Thirty Media team will take the script you provide for each announcement video and will handle the production from there. Each video can include up to six announcements and includes custom motion graphics to match your church’s branding.


  • Weekly scripts (4 scripts, 4 versions): $2,500/month
  • Bi-weekly scripts (2 scripts, 4 versions): $1,250/month
  • Monthly scripts (1 script, 2 versions): $625/month

They do offer discounts when you sign up for a six or 12-month retainer.

Keeping the congregation up-to-date via video announcements helps your congregation determine their next steps with the church and learn how they can get more involved. If you don’t have the ability to create announcement videos in-house, consider using a video announcement company to create high-quality videos at a reasonable price.