The idea of software being user-friendly is a key selling point. This is especially true for churches who are interested in purchasing church management software (ChMS) for staff who may have varying degrees of technical capabilities. It is ideal and advisable to choose a ChMS that is both intuitive and easy to use.

When purchasing software, user reviews are also supremely helpful in learning more about each software product prior to purchasing. Researching recommended products can save time and money by steering churches in the direction of software solutions that are best suited to their individual needs. In this case, churches definitely want a ChMS that has a welcoming and responsive user interface that enables pastors, church staff, and/or volunteers to use it efficiently and effectively.

The infographic below presents the top 20 most user-friendly church management software solutions for 2018 and provides ranking data based on usability, customer service, and customer reviews. Information about the popularity and affordability of each ChMS is also included.

Here are the top 20 most user-friendly ChMS for 2018:

  1. ChurchTrac
  2. Breeze CHMS
  3. Elvanto
  4. Elexio Database
  5. SimpleChurchCRM
  6. Community Center for Churches
  7. Church Office Online
  8. CFS Live
  9. UCare
  10. MinistryTracker
  11. Go Church App
  12. Fellowship One
  13. Bridge Element
  14. Continue to Give
  15. Roll Call
  16. Faith Teams
  17. Realm
  18. Shining Light
  19. Churchteams
  20. Planning Center

[Infographic published by Software Lab on March 27, 2018 via Capterra]