Churches are looking for great ways to get congregation information to communicate effectively as well as manage a diverse volunteer group and so a great church management software is needed. Great software solutions like ACS Technologies offers great cloud and multisite services for your church or By the Book check-in software that can be done from iPads as well as computers to keep your church’s children safe are essential if you simply cannot handle the volumes you are working with.

The infographic below has some great solutions for you and how they measure up with the number of churches they correspond to as well as social media engagement that they have. Here are some things I noted in the post.

  • ACS Technologies has a huge impact within the Catholic church and therefore big numbers.
  • The software with the largest Facebook page is Church Community Builder and then followed by ACS Technologies
  • Solutions like PowerChurch Software and Servant Keeper are also serving over 25,000 churches


Top_20_Church_Software_April 15

[Image via Capterra]

What church software would best meet your church’s needs?

[post updated Sept. 2015 with latest infographic, April 2015]