There are plenty of Bible reading apps, Bible audio apps, etc.  YouVersion’s Bible app has introduced daily devotional stories which provides scripture + devotional video + personal challenge prompts and sharing.  There certainly is an evolution of apps trying to help Christians get into the daily habit of reading Scripture and reflecting on it.

The latest option is the Glority App.  This offers a straight forward guided daily time with the Bible:

glorify bible app

Each day you have the option to read or listen through each of the daily devotional sections.  It starts with a Daily Quote, Passage, Then the Devotional, Reflection.  There’s even a stretch goal option for you to go through.

Glorify Devotional App Screen



Here’s an overview of the Bible app’s features:

It even gamifies the experience to help you keep coming back:



TBN recently interviewed the founder Hentry Costa about the new Bible devotional app:

You can find the Glorify Bible app in the Apple App Store or Google Play app stores.