It’s obvious that mobile phones have risen to an everyday staple for most people. You could probably live without cable TV, perhaps you could even live without Wi-Fi at home, but lose your phone and you are forlorn, up a creek, lost without direction; I hyperbolize a little, but you’ll have to agree that it’s not terribly far from the truth.

From clunky mobiles of the 80’s to the latest Samsung or iPhone, no technology has spread so quickly to saturate a worldwide market. There are 6.8 billion cell subscriptions worldwide.

– 1918–German military trains used mobile phone-like devices.
– 1926–German Reichsbahn and mail service offer mobile train phones to first class passangers.
– 1926–Artist Karl Arnold creates cartoon for a satirical magazine in which “wireless telephony” occurs in the streets.
– 1931– Erich Kastner includes mobile phones in a children’s book description of a future utopia.
– 1940’s–Mobile phones available in luxery cars in large U.S. cities.
– 1961– Leonid Kupriyanovich, soviet engineer presents a handheld mobile phone
– 1973–Motorola becomes first company to produce a handheld mobile phone.
– 1978–1G service begins
– 1990’s–2G service begins and massively expands.
– 2001–3G service begins.
– 2009–4G expansion begins.

– Now: 96 cell subscriptions per every 100 people on Earth
– Mobile Saturation by continent
– (subscriptions per 100 residents)
– Africa–63
– Asia and Pacific–89
– Arab States–105
– The Americas–109
– Europe–126
– Ex-Soviet–170

I want to give Antoine RJ Wright over at Mobile Ministry Magazine a shout out. His site is full of great mobile ministry info and advice.

How have you seen mobile phone technology become a tool that empowers ministry?

The Rise of Mobile Infographic