Virtual reality technology is gaining a foothold in industries across the world, including the Church. Virtual tours of the Holy Land have been available since the technology first emerged and are now enjoying new upgrades with 360 technology. The Octagon Project and YouVersion also partnered in 2017 to bring VR technology to the YouVersion Bible App to help people connect with the Bible through virtual reality experiences. Life.Church is also working on a VR offering. It’s is safe to say that VR tech is here.

Now comes the emergence of virtual reality church. There are pastors who are putting their faith in the technology because it allows them to connect with people from all over the world, many of whom would not otherwise attend church. Live streaming is commonplace for many churches today and VR is one more step toward a fully immersive digital church experience.

The Growing VR Market

With 188 VR headsets currently on the market, it is clear that consumers and marketers are interested in the potential of this technology. From gamers to hoteliers and destination travel experiences to live entertainment, VR offerings are growing rapidly with the user base often doubling from year to year. The gaming community is still dominating the VR market, though the health industry is keeping up. It is also easy to imagine virtual reality being a valuable tool to engineers and real estate professionals in the near future.

The Future of VR

So what is the future of VR? The idea is simple: virtual reality is a way to pull people into an experience and increase their connection and interest in that experience. There are skeptics who are concerned and see this move toward more immersive virtual technology as a step away from humanity. Different from augmented reality, which enhances your current environment, virtual reality replaces it and creates an entirely new environment.

This infographic shares additional details about virtual reality’s current corner on the marketplace and its potential for growth and expansion in the future.

What will this mean for the future of the Church?