In ministry, leaders often find themselves returning to school for advanced education often returning to seminary in pursuit of a masters of divinity, a PhD, counseling degree, or certification program to help with specializing in a particular area of study. No matter what age or level of education, each of us can improve our study skills.

In our world of constant distractions, it’s important to occasionally refresh oneself with good study skills. Below is a helpful infographic that highlights some of the most productive ways to study.

Here are the 10 Steps:

  1. Feed your brain and body
  2. Use the power of reverse psychology
  3. Avoid noisy environments
  4. Learn to improve your memory
  5. Make use of time wisely
  6. Complete your assignments
  7. Take the time to exercise
  8. Create long-term goals
  9. Get help when needed
  10. Manage stress

What are some of your best study habits?