Social media is a new way for people, businesses, and ministries to interact with people. What you should know is that with every new medium, you need to understand how you should use it because no two ways of communicating should be approached the same. You would not write a newspaper article the same way you would put together a television commercial, right? You need to understand how you are going to approach social media and each specific network you use. (We are writing an eBook that will be released soon to help with coming up with your own social media strategies)

Here are three great points from the infographic:

  • The purpose of social media is to increase fans, share content, send a message, and get feedback.
  • The number of users are: 10 million on Pinterest, 500 million on Twitter, 850 million on Facebook
  • There is a difference between this type of communication and all others: high volume of people, but less relational.

Social Media Marketing Infographic

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Why did you start using social media and how will you use it in the future now?