For anyone that has a brand, ministry, or business online, you have to be involved in some kind of social media to effectively market, network, or reach a good quantity of people. Because of this need, so many social medias have popped up and each one has their own culture behind it.

A huge social media tip, do not treat any social media network like it is another one. You should not treat Twitter like you do Facebook, nor expect the same interaction quality and quantity on YouTube as Google+. Because of how many social media networks are out there, enjoy this infographic below for some key tips.

Here are three tips we think are the most important:

  • Leave enough room on your tweets for people to include RT @yourusername that will help spread your tweets to new people. That means each tweet should be less than 125 characters.
  • Give your Facebook page a purpose. Create regular, useful content to give your fans a reason to return.
  • Pinterest is a strong driver of traffic to websites, but it’s mostly only useful for that purpose.Social-Media-cheat-sheet-620x1853

[HT | Image via SDL]

What other tips do you have for social networks?