Smartphones are truly a multi-purpose device in so many ways. Keep your calendar, contacts, and email with you all the time, sync it to your desktop seamlessly, utilize social media with a few touches, and oh yeah, take hundreds of digital pictures and videos whenever, wherever. To put it simply, smartphones are kicking digital cameras’ butt.

This recent infographic on worldwide use of smartphones vs. digital cameras for taking photos reports:

1. 1.4 billion: total number of the number of active smartphones, estimated, in use around the world by the end of 2013
2. 57: percentage of smartphone market held by Android
3. 21: percentage of the smartphone market claimed by iOS
4. Other key players expected to be Windows users, predicted at 45 million and Blackberry 10, 10 million users

Speaking of Android…

1. 55 percentage of smartphone owners in Japan are users vs. 39 percent for iOS
2. Android is number one in New Zealand (41 %), the U.S. (40 %), and China (38 %), but does not dominate in any other surveyed country except Argentina (33 percent vs. 18 % for Blackberry)

Fact: 52 % of Chinese respondents surveyed said they use a smartphone because they can use it “without being seen easily.” Same response in Egypt (43%), Mexico (41%) and Brazil (39%).

How about you–do you take more photos on your smartphone vs. your digital camera?

smartphone vs. digital cameras