Heading to seminary is a big deal to say the least. From time and financial considerations to future ministry impact and career trajectory, picking the best seminary for your educational needs is crucial.

The infographic below walks you through nine aspects of seminary life that each person should highly consider before selecting a school to attend.

1) Is the school’s theological vision compatible?

2) How will I be prepared for “the Church of 10 years from now?”

3) Will I fit in with other students?

4) How much debt will I incur?

5) How much do I like school?

6) How easy is the “academic game?”

7) Do I need a structured program of spiritual growth?

8) Will I have support systems in place?

9) How will seminary affect my relationships?


Thanks to Phoenix Seminary for putting together this thought-provoking infographic to get us all thinking before we fill out all those seminary forms!