Finding new ways to make people feel more connected to ministry is something every church faces. Sometimes it is simply a matter of providing the right information at the right time in a format that most appeals to today’s modern church attendee. For example, a first-time visitor might simply want to learn more about your church’s small groups. Or maybe a member wants to learn more about volunteer opportunities. Perhaps someone attending one of your services feels inspired to make a special contribution to a ministry fund.

Elexio, provider of church software solutions, helps churches connect people to their ministries with the launch of their Self-Service Kiosk. While the Self-Service Kiosk is available in a standalone option, its greatest attribute is integration with the rest of Elexio’s church management software. The kiosk provides users with the ability to:

  • View a list of groups that they can sign up for
  • Identify ministry needs where volunteers can sign-up to serve
  • Submit a prayer request
  • Update personal data such as contact information and preferences
  • Make a fund-specific contribution through at-the-kiosk card swipes

Today’s generation of church attendees brings a different set of expectations with them,” says John Connell, director of sales and marketing for Elexio.

Engagement through ministry involvement, service, and contributions takes on a completely new style. Elexio’s Self-Service Kiosk meets these expectations and provides attendees with an opportunity to connect with the church where they feel most comfortable. It also reduces administrative tasks, freeing up more time for ministry.”

The Self-Service Kiosk boasts an easy-to-navigate interface, is portable, and features a space-conscious, attractive design that comes with customized signage, a dynamic color picker for each kiosk screen, and completely customized text fields.

Is your church using a self-service kiosk for connecting people with small groups, enlisting volunteers, or making it easier for spontaneous contributions?