Having a great ‘about us’ page is one of the best ways churches can do a great job of sharing who they are, their mission, their beliefs, and giving people a glimpse into your church culture. This website page is also sometimes called “Who We Are” or just plain “About.” Whatever you call it, there are some fundamental topics to cover in this section to help first-time guests, visitors, your community and your members have all the information they need about what fuels your organization.

Common content to include in your church “About Us” section:

  • Beliefs, or statement of beliefs
  • Core values
  • History or story behind church
  • Denominational affiliation
  • Church staff directory
  • Ministry directory
  • Contact us info
  • Welcome video
  • Pictures of campus
  • Map
  • Service times (can put these on footer, best place for them)

Here are a few examples of church “About Us” sections done well:

After researching and looking at quite a few large church websites, I have to say that the bigger the church, the more confusing the website seems to be. The average person doesn’t need to know about every program and ministry in detail, they want to learn a little about the church before they visit.

Don’t bury the information about your church so deeply on your site that no one can find it. Don’t call it something that is too tough to guess – “Learn” – “Grow” – “Thrive” – these monikers will just leave first-time visitors guessing about where to find the basics about your church.

If you are a part of a denomination, please ‘for the love’ as Jen Hatmaker would say, just put it somewhere on your “About Us” page. Shorten it to “About” if you want to be current, but don’t hide the information behind fancy video backgrounds and worship leaders jumping up and down. If people can find this information and it’s important to them, chances are they will not visit your church.

What other elements does your church include on its “About Us” section?