Church management software is a valuable tool for effectively organizing and overseeing operational and institutional projects, including registration for special events, camps, conferences, and classes. There are full-service full church management software solutions like ACS Technologies’ Realm and Church Community Builder that offer robust solutions that can handle all church management needs, yet online church registration tends to be one of the more popular standalone areas that many churches need help with.

So how can churches decide which registration software is right for them? And does the church choose just one solution or is there a need for multiple software management systems working together or in tandem? These questions become especially important when considering individual ministries or groups (i.e. youth groups) that may need a stand-alone registration process.

Here are 10 paid, free, and nearly free registration software solutions that can help churches streamline their registration processes:

1 – Active Network

ACTIVE Network is a premier provider of activities and events management software that connects participants and activity organizers and includes processing registrations and payments for organizers and events worldwide. They offer solutions that streamline the administration of activities and events, including camps, schools, races, and outdoor activities.

Pricing – Solutions and quotes available upon request.

2 – Cart66

Cart66 is a WordPress-based software solution that can be used for church event registrations, including secure payments, and enables easily accepted online registration and payments without making changes to your current website. Cart66 works with all WordPress themes and supports over 100 payment gateways, including all the security for PCI compliance.

Pricing – Free trial, then pricing starts at $9.99/mo or $99/year (two months free)

3 – Eventbrite

This hugely popular registration software solution allows users to create professional event ticketing and registration pages in minutes. Whether hosting a conference, festival, or class, their streamlined technology helps get registration and ticketing up and running quickly and looks great on all devices.

Pricing – three package solutions: Essentials Package: 1% + $0.99/ paid ticket* – Free for free tickets; Professional Package – 2.5% + $1.99/ paid ticket* – Free for free tickets; Premium Package – custom pricing


My Online Camp offers solutions for camp promotion, registration, and management and helps manage the marketing, organization, and payments associated with hosting sports camps and other youth events.

Pricing – Solutions and quotes available upon request.


Regpack’s technology is research-based, with the goal of creating software that is flexible enough to satisfy the needs of every client, and at a price that every organization can afford.

And Regpack’s conditional logic engine allows every user who begins the registration process to have a customized experience that is unique to them.

Pricing – Risk-free. No contract. Plan prices start at $49/month, with a 30-day money back guarantee.


Nearly Free/Free Solutions

6 – Google Forms

Google Forms provides a free solution for registration platforms and also allows for payment integration with PayPal. With Google Analytics integration, it is easy to track the performance of forms and make updates.

Pricing – Free; No registration fees.

7 – Rock RMS

Rock RMS is an open source software platform that offers personal and family management, group management, contributions, children’s check-in, reporting, and content management for websites, calendars and event registrations, volunteer management. They also have their own app store with plugins.

Pricing – There is no price tag for Rock RMS. The company relies on the generosity of churches finding value in Rock to contribute to our mission of accessibility, craftsmanship, and community. They suggest making a donation of approximately $1.50 per average weekend attendee per year.

8 –

This free tool is loved by the masses, now offers registration and payment features, and also offers church themes.

Pricing – 14-day free trial and free Basic accounts, with $9.99/mth Silver, $24.99/mth Gold, and $49.99/mth Platinum paid accounts.

9 – Ultimate Member WordPress Plugin

Ultimate Member is a WordPress membership and user profile plugin that allows you to add user profiles to your site, create advanced online communities, registrations and membership sites. It is highly extensible and enables the creation of almost any type of site where users can join or register with ease.

Pricing – Free; also offers paid extensions that allow you to extend the power of the plugin.

10 –

Wufoo, by SurveyMonkey, makes building online forms easy with their form designer for creating online surveys, contact forms, and invitations that can collect data, registrations, and payments.

Pricing – Free plans available; Starter Plans are $19/mth; Professional Plans are $39/mth, and Advanced Plans are $99/mth

Ideally, churches should choose and use a registration software that integrates well with any other organizational software being used to ensure easy and confident overlapping. When an office assistant pulls up a member’s record, it should show all the things that the member is registered for (groups, retreats, Sunday school, education classes, etc.).

However, in reality, many churches’ right-hand does not know what the left hand is doing. These inefficiencies in church administration and management could be mitigated with a little exploration into the many effective and easy to use church management software systems, including those for used for registration. Then the hands can come together clapping in applause at the time saved and registration headaches that have been avoided.