A Growing Need

With the growth of technology comes an increasing need for affordable, quality computers. They are the key to education and business training for the next generation. Yet, in many parts of the U.S. and across the globe, computers are still a luxury.

InterConnection sees the challenge and is working to solve it. Since 1999, they have run a state-of-the-art computer refurbishing plant in Seattle, Washington. Using donated computers and parts, they build Microsoft certified, refurbished desktop and laptop computers. Each certified refurbished computer runs Windows 7 and Microsoft Office.

As a non-profit organization, they partner with organizations like the Peace Corps, World Vision and others across the globe. Together they identify areas of need and the technology required. Once identified, appropriate computers are packed and sent out.

InterConnection has shipped more than 35,000 computers to 40 countries. Schools, non-governmental organizations, libraries, and technology access programs across the globe have benefited.

Besides their international work, InterConnection also strives to resource the 25% of U.S. households without a computer. They partner with groups in all 50 states to provide computers to non-profit organizations.

See the impact map below to see some of the areas that have benefitted
Map showing the global impact of InterConnection

A Shared Need

Many churches and faith based organizations find themselves in a similar place. In need of computers to complete their work, but without the budget to buy equipment. InterConnection’s online store allows churches to buy computers at a fraction of the cost.

Windows 7 laptops start at $139 with Microsoft Office pre-installed and a one year warranty. Other discounted products include desktops, Macs, LCD monitors, Windows Multipoint servers, keyboards and mice.

If your church would like to take part, InterConnection has made it easy. You can view a list of available computers by visiting interconnection.org/nonprofit. To make a purchase, create an account for your church, including details about your 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status. InterConnection will review your application and get back to you about the program details.

Have technology needs beyond what is listed on the InterConnection website? Contact them directly. They often receive used electronics, including TVs, LCD projectors and tablets, which are not listed on the online store.

If you church isn’t in need of computers but has some to donate, InterConnection would gladly take them. Through their free mail in program you can send your used computer to them and receive a giving credit towards your taxes.

For more information about InterConnection check out the video below. It gives an overview of the organization, how they work and what they’ve accomplished.