Child check-in security is really, really important to say the least. That’s why CTT sat down with new sponsor, KidCheck, to get the low-down on their child check-in solution:

How did KidCheck get its start and what is its ministry philosophy?

KidCheck provides secure children’s check-in solutions for churches and childcare professionals. It was built based on a passion for child safety and a desire to help equip churches with highly effective solutions that improve both security and efficiency. KidCheck was developed to offer a check-in solution with robust security features that was more innovative and easier to use than the other options available. Our goal is to deliver easy-to-use, state-of-the-art tools at an exceptional value, making them available and affordable to churches of all sizes.

What are some of the benefits of your stand-alone child security vs. having it integrated with a church management software system?

By focusing on one thing, KidCheck is an expert on secure children’s check-in and is able to fully address those specific needs and challenges.  What we do, we do really well, as our entire focus and energy is directed towards providing feature-rich check-in solutions with easy-to-use tools, robust child safety features and comprehensive reporting capabilities.  With our singular focus on secure children’s check–in KidCheck remains agile, nimble and flexible; allowing us to quickly respond to customers’ questions and needs, as well as continually add new, innovative features, often based on customer feedback.  Additionally, as a stand-alone children’s check-in solution KidCheck offers a great value with a robust feature set at a more affordable price than most other check-in systems available.


KidCheck’s children’s check-in doesn’t have to be exclusive of a church management system. Churches can take still advantage of the benefits of KidCheck and integrate with a variety of church management systems.  We designed KidCheck so all data is quickly and easily exportable into a variety of different formats.  Organizations can work with their management system to explore import capabilities.

Do you offer more features than other child security systems out there?

We feel KidCheck is the best children’s check-in value available for churches and childcare organizations delivering all the features needed for a highly secure check-in and more.  Some of the unique elements and features include:

  • Free personal training and support is provide always, whenever it’s needed, even on Sundays.
  • A unique feature in KidCheck is our parent maintained accounts, which drastically reduces the workload for administrators by eliminating data input and ensuring key information remains up-to-date.  The parents/guardians create a free KidCheck account and input and manage their information including children, contact data, designating authorized and unauthorized guardians, allergy/medical alerts, and photos.
  • KidCheck includes a very comprehensive suite of reports available to help organizations understand attendance, capacity and ratios; improve visitor follow up and parent communication; and analyze data and trends.
  • iPad/Tablet Check-in Utilities including the Check-in Assistant and Admin Console Access.  The Check-in Assistant allows a volunteer or worker with a mobile device to create or complete guardian accounts in the check-in line to help move parents and guests quickly through the check-in process, while still keeping a personal touch.
  • The Multi-Service Check-In feature provides a way for churches to easily handle children’s check-in and attendance tracking across multiple church services, set automatic open and close times for their check-in stations, and designate exactly which service template they want available for check-in at exactly which time.
  • KidCheck includes a Label Restock Program at no charge to make sure our customers don’t run out of labels.
  • Child Pick-Up Alert eliminates the need to phone the classroom from the main check-in/out area or physically send someone with the message to the classroom when a guardian is ready to pick-up.
  • Parent Check-In Notes are available right at the check-in station so parents can designate any special instructions they want known for that day to print on a child’s name badge.
  • Multi-lingual Check-In allows customers to choose from about 50 different languages to show on the check-in screen; including Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese and Spanish.
  • Another aspect is KidCheck’s focus and dedication to data security.  We ensure the highest levels of security measures for our customer’s data.

Some helpful links to help your church determine if KidCheck child check-in software is for you:

Do you offer a free demo? How easy is it to get set up?

The best way to learn more about KidCheck is with a free, online demo.  Simply go to our website to request a free demo.  We’ll schedule it for a date/time that’s convenient for them. It’s a personal demo geared towards the needs of that particular organization and takes about 30 minutes. A KidCheck personal trainer will connect with them via phone and a screen sharing service so they can watch our screens and see how KidCheck works.  We always appreciate the opportunity to share more about how KidCheck can help improve security, streamline check-in and create a positive parent and visitor experience.

Do you offer additional products like check in kiosks, iPad check-in, and other newer tech solutions?

From easy-to-use software starting at only $19.99, to complete check-in stations, check-in PCs and all the hardware needed for check-in, KidCheck has it covered.

KidCheck offers hardware items at great prices including:

  • Complete check-in station featuring a space-saving, full-featured nettop PC that can be mounted on an 18.5” LCD monitor to create a virtual all in one, keyboard, mouse, mobile cart, printer, scanner and labels
  • To simplify set-up and save time, the KidCheck check-in PC is preloaded with all the necessary software and drives so check-in can be run right out of the box (software subscription sold separately)
  • The check-in PC and mobile cart are available as part of the complete station, together or standalone
  • DYMO label printers, barcode scanners, KidCheck keytags or custom keytags with the church’s logo
  • Affordable labels are available and customers have the option to use our Label Restock Program (free!) which tracks the organization’s label quantities and automatically ships more based on levels designated by them

We pride ourselves on providing state-of-the-art check in tools and features and continually innovating to take children’s check-in to the next level.  Many of those innovative features are mentioned above when describing how we differ from other check-in solutions in the marketplace.

Overall, what are customers saying about your check-in security?

We love that customers love KidCheck.  We are honored and humbled every day by the positive feedback and kudos we receive from them such as – comments about our ease-of-use and security features, improvements they see in streamlining check-in, improved child security, better reporting, improved parent/visitor experience, appreciation for the level of service and support they receive, stories how check-in thwarted unauthorized child pick-up, and general thanks for listening to their input and implementing new features.

Just as importantly, we welcome ideas for improvement and suggestions for new features.  That feedback allows us to continue to evolve and improve to best meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.