Picking a WordPress theme for your church website can be a daunting task. If you weren’t overwhelmed by the number of church themes available on ThemeForest, you certainly will be by the multitude of themes and theme shops online with the “perfect” theme for your church.

Choosing a theme built for churches can have a lot of advantages since they normally have built in support for sermons, staff, and such. That said, with the number of options (and so many of them bad) it is easy to give up on finding a church theme altogether and instead pick one of the more popular all-in-one-super-flexible themes.

I’m going to tell you why that might not be such a great idea.

There are a number of these super flexible, option-packed themes that have become very popular. Among the most popular are Divi, Avada, and X Theme. Since these themes boast tons of customizations, page builders, and more they can be great for setting up simple, professional websites really quickly. But they can also bring some serious heartache.

Here are a few reasons you should think twice before using one of these themes for your church:

  • Extending and modifying. Customizing a theme with so many options is often very expensive and time-consuming. If you think your church will want to add new features or modify the site design significantly, you will want to choose a different theme.
  • Training. Training staff can be very difficult with a theme that has so many options and settings.
  • Design consistency. Since these themes support TONS of different layouts and design styles, it can be very difficult to keep a consistent feel across your church’s website, especially if you have multiple content creators.
  • Content mobility. This is one of most important things you need to consider when building your church website. I can guarantee you that you will want to change the theme on your church site someday. If all of your content is created using one of these proprietary page builders, you will likely have to recreate all of your content by hand.

As someone who spends a lot of time building websites (both for churches and businesses), my focus is not only on what we can do with the website today but also on how well that site will be able to adapt as time goes on.

If you are just looking to put together a quick landing page to showcase your church, one of these themes may be a good option. But if you are hoping to build a site that will be around for the long haul where you can post sermons, newsletters and events, then I would recommend finding a theme that is as simple as possible while still meeting your needs. This will allow you the greatest flexibility moving forward and will also help you not spend too much time with training and maintenance.

If you are looking for a quality theme for your church that is worth using for a while, I would highly recommend you check out ChurchThemes.com. I’ve worked with their themes on multiple sites and they have a great balance of functionality, customizability, and simplicity.