Depending on how old you are, your communication preferences can vary wildly. Try emailing a high schooler. Try texting Grandma. Go on, give it a whirl and see what happens. While many people have their own preferences based on their personalities, there are some stereotypes that exist based on age (and gender), as statistics prove.

When aiming to communicate effectively with your church members, it can be crucial to communicate using the best means for each group. Two of our site sponsors offer great messaging solutions: Call-em-All and One Call Now. If you aren’t already using a solution to get messages (text, voice, and email) to your constituents, now might be the time to get a system in place to streamline your efforts and reach people the way they would like you to reach them.

It probably depends on your generation

The Young Ones
43% of 18-24 year old’s think texting is just as meaningful as a face-to-face conversation.
42% of teenagers say texting is the main reason they own a phone.

Millennials prefer emails and texts to other forms of communication.
29% of Millennials think in person meetings are effective vs. 45% of Boomers

[% of generations that use cell to text]
Millennial: 88%
Gen X: 77%
Boomer: 51%
Silent: 9%

Median # of texts in the last 24 hours of
Millennial: 20
Gen X: 12
Boomer: 5
And at the extreme: Teenagers: 50
It’s part of an ‘always connected’ youth culture.

[% of generations that sleep with their phone]
Gen X: 68%

Do you agree with the statistics in this infographic?

Phone_text_email infographic