TouchPoint Software has released its fully updated and redesigned TouchPoint Mobile application. The new app gives churches greater capabilities and flexibility for managing all aspects of the church experience.
TouchPoint’s new mobile app provides a better way to engage your congregation, staff, and lay leaders with content relevant to them and tools to better equip them in their personal ministries, all from a single app,” said Scott Romig, Vice President of Marketing & Sales. “TouchPoint offers a deep, two-way integration to the ChMS, allowing staff and lay leaders an easy way to manage and disciple their congregation from their mobile devices.”

The new version of the app retains all the features of the previous version—including the ability to accept gifts from congregation members, search a directory of contact info, track service and event attendance, and share and listen to sermons and other church messages—while adding a number of additional features and capabilities.

The updated TouchPoint app is more graphically driven, giving churches increased options for customizing the look and messaging. Churches also have total control over how media is served, and the actions congregation and staff members can take using the app. In addition, the app content can be tailored for congregation members at different campuses.

Another valuable feature of the app is that it fully integrates with your church database. If someone makes a donation or changes their info through the app, your main database will be automatically updated to reflect it. This means better, more accurate data for your church.

While there’s a ton of new functionality within the app, we’ve actually worked to simplify the experience for churches and make the app easier to use,” said Stuart Boyd, Senior Vice President of Technology Products. “Essentially, if you can set up a Facebook page, you can easily customize the app for your church and congregation using our management portal.”


Key features and benefits of the new TouchPoint app include:

Management portal – The TouchPoint app gives your communications team total control to tailor the experience to audiences and create whatever you can dream.
Marketing calendar – You can schedule content you want to post on the app (from verses of the day to event announcements) in advance by specific date, enabling your team to plan ahead.
Multi-campus awareness – Many churches today have more than one campus. With the TouchPoint app, you can tailor your content to each community you’re speaking to—making it more personal and relevant.
Integrated with database – Registration, gifts, updates to contact info done in the app are all reflected in the master database, something you won’t find with most church apps.
Easily customizable – The TouchPoint app provides a user-friendly experience, making it easy to provide internal and external links and automatically adjusting image sizes for different devices.
Audio & video sharing – The new app gives you the ability to upload podcasts and videos and have them hosted, or pull the feed for audio or video from wherever it is hosted (YouTube, Apple podcasts, etc.)
For churches big and small looking to increase engagement with congregation members, the new TouchPoint application provides everything you need right at your fingertips,” said Romig. “This app is more than just a tool, it’s a new presence for your church.”

The updated TouchPoint Mobile app is available now for download from the Apple App Store (for use on both iPad and iPhone) and in Google Play (for all Android devices).

TouchPoint Software, a Pursuant Group Company, is based in Dallas, Texas. TouchPoint was birthed out of Bellevue Church with a vision to be built by the church for the church and currently serves more than 300 churches.

TouchPoint’s web-based solution helps churches move believers toward maturity by supplying tools that engage and connect people to community. For more information, visit

[Editor’s Note: The article was provided by YouVersion in the form of a press release.]