Mom’s get their children dressed, fed, and in the car to get to church on time (well, close to on time at least) week after week. They went through pregnancy (or adoption), many sleepless nights, and a constant refrain of, “MOM!?”.  Many mother’s work and care for the family too without question. On Mother’s Day, we celebrate all that mothers do for their children and the unconditional love they freely give. Most churches think first about offline and printed materials to produce. One way to create a Sunday service that acknowledges the moms in your congregation is through creative Mother’s Day videos and graphics.

If you’re still reeling from Easter activities and wondering what to do for Mother’s Day, here are several ideas to consider:

#1 – Create a Mother’s Day Video Montage

Help your congregation show their moms some love through via video. Ask dads and kids to submit 5-10 second videos to the church. You could ask them to simply record themselves saying, “I love you, Mom!” or have them finish the sentence, “I love my Mom because…”

Show this video during each Mother’s Day service, post it on the church’s website, and publish it on the church’s social media pages. Just don’t forget to request permission from parents to use the footage when you ask them to submit their videos.

#2 – Interview Kids and Teens

Try interviewing kids and teens about their moms to create a video montage completely in-house. Have fun with it and highlight some of the cutest responses. You never know what you’ll get from doing a candid interview with children.

Here are several questions to use during your interviews:

  • What do you love most about your mom?
  • What does your mom love about being a mom?
  • Why do we celebrate Mother’s Day?
  • What’s something your mom says to you a lot?
  • What’s your mom’s favorite thing to do?
  • How do you know your mom loves you?
  • What does your mom do for fun?

#3 – Host a Photo Booth

Two examples of Mother’s Day Backdrops for Photo Booths

Photo credit:

Mom tends to be the one behind the camera, so Mother’s Day is a great chance for her to be in the picture with her family. Set up a few photo booths with a nice background and let everyone know about them a few weeks before Mother’s Day. There are so many good ideas for photo booth backdrops. Coordinate a few photographers to take pictures and distribute the photos.

#4 – Create Various Mother’s Day Themed Graphics

A simple option is to create a few graphics that include Bible verses about motherhood, funny quotes, or thank-yous. Post these around the church, include a few in the bulletin, use them as pre-service graphics, or even make postcards for kids to decorate and give to their mom.

#5 – Use Professional Videos and Graphics

You might not have time to create a video montage or lots of graphics. If that’s the case, there are several great options to purchase professional videos or graphics to make your church’s social media and online presence stand out.

Faithlife Media

Faithlife Media offers photos, videos and slide templates that could be used for Mother’s Day. The site also offers a wide variety of mother/child/family stock photos too.

The Skit Guys

With several Mother’s Day-themed videos, you’ll have plenty to choose from to make Mom laugh and feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Most videos cost less than $20 and include streaming rights.

WorshipHouse Media

You’ll find several Mother’s Day options here as well (including some from The Skit Guys). Again, most videos cost less than $20 to purchase.


Life.Church’s Open Network website includes a plethora of free resources, including videos for Mother’s Day. Use these for free or watch a few to get ideas for creating your own.

Igniter Media

Here you’ll find a collection of Mother’s Day title graphics, backgrounds for worship slides, videos, and more. You can purchase these items individually or buy a membership.

Celebrate the mothers in your congregation’s lives with fun, meaningful, and quality videos and graphics. They’ll appreciate the time and effort you put into making Mother’s Day special.