Pastors, church communicators, and nearly everyone on the planet rely on their smartphones for their list of contacts. In our mobile world and busy on-the-go lifestyle, it’s convenient and necessary for church leaders to have contacts quickly accessible on their phones.

Cleaning Up Contacts

Regularly updating contacts by eliminating duplicates and adding additional emails or phone numbers ensures that contact lists and address books are clean and viable. This practice can save time and increase productivity. Having contact information at your fingertips is valuable. Knowing that information is accurate is vital.

In Sync

Both Google and iOS make it easy to sync contacts between email platforms, and iPhone and Android users can easily keep their contacts in top shape and backed up on their computers. Church leaders need the flexibility of being able to contact parishioners and staff when they are away from their desks and managing contact information well is crucial when handling emergency situations.

This savvy infographic walks Android and iOS users through core contact management basics that make it easy to keep smartphone contacts in sync:

This infographic was provided by EasyConnect, the best app to exchange contacts and stay connected with friends.