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9 Ways To Use Video Conferencing to Strengthen Teams and Deepen Engagement

Video conferencing has been good-but-not-great for church gatherings. The technology was really designed for meetings, where one person at a time speaks and everyone else listens. 

Breakout rooms help, but they are still a little clunky — it’s not like a fellowship hall or church basement where it’s easy to mix and mingle, or to find a quiet spot with just one person for a private, meaningful conversation. 

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State of the Church Bulletin

Receiving a church bulletin as you walk into a worship service has been the norm for decades. Certainly, church leaders have put the bulletin through several facelifts over the years. However, perhaps the most significant shift in recent years has been the move to a church app version of the bulletin.

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Christmas Event Planning Amid COVID-19

Typically, the lead up to Christmas is a season of joy, hope, and typically, stress, for church leaders and staff as they embark on Christmas event planning. In light of COVID-19, we might all be looking forward to the fact that this year is almost over.

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