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Facebook Ads for Churches

For years, churches have utilized print advertising through newspaper ads and direct mailing, and many have branched out into TV and radio advertising as well. But now, we can reach even more people, and do it with far less money by leveraging the power of Facebook ads.

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Facebook Ads for Your Church Event Outreach

As we head into the busiest season for churches, now is the time to wrap your head around Facebook as your new best friend for church event outreach. It’s one of the best (and least expensive) ways to share your event, be it a Fall Festival, Trunk or Treat, Harvest Party, or holiday event, getting your church message seen on Facebook is becoming more challenging every day.

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Amazing Facebook Facts & Stats [Infographic]


Facebook is still one of the primary social networks that churches should utilize to reach people for Christ. Whether connecting with current attenders, sharing events, or reaching out to the community, Facebook offers some unique advantages:

  • As of 2015, Facebook currently has 1.59 billion active users worldwide
  • Facebook currently has 1.04 billion daily active users worldwide as of 4th quarter 2015
  • 934 million of mobile daily active Facebook users as of 4th quarter 2015
  • 28% of active Facebook users are between 20-29 years old with a 28% share
  • Some 77% of women online are Facebook users compared to two thirds of men

How will your church harness Facebook to reach the next generation?

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