It’s slightly alarming that 2013 marked the first year that there are more mobile internet devices than humans. Crazy to believe this, yet look around your house and you’ll probably see the stats are true. Between myself, my husband, and our four kids (who are not all old enough to own their own devices) we have two smartphones, an iPad, two Kindles, three computers, and two iPods–that’s eight internet devices! That’s not even counting old devices that have been tossed in a drawer never to see the light of day again.

How do you consume the internet?

Fixed Broadband:
40% of the world is online through fixed broadband

The Big Picture

Fixed broadband access rates per 100 people:
Developed world: 77
World Average: 39
Developing world: 31

By Households:
41% total
Developed world: 78%
Developing world: 28%

Households out of 100:
Europe 77/100
The Americas 61/100
CIS 46/100
Arab States 34/100
Asia and Pacific 33/100
Africa 7/100

Average smartphone behavior:

# of times typical user checks phone per day for:[4]
Messaging: 23
Voice Call: 22
Checking time: 18
Music: 13
Gaming: 12
Social Media: 9
Camera: 8
Alarm: 8
News and Alerts: 6
Calendar: 5
Web: 3
Search: 3
Other: 14

Internet_Consumption Infographic