Do you ever feel like you’re doing everything right on Sunday mornings – offering powerful music, a relevant and engaging sermon, along with welcoming a community, but you still can’t seem to increase your worship attendance on a weekly basis? 

Many churches and church pastors have experienced the same struggle. Often, a text communication strategy can assist in communicating with members before and during a new sermon series to boost attendance. In fact, churches who implement a church text strategy are reporting back a 10% or better bump in weekly attendance. The solution is simple and highly effective.

The idea is to get people excited about the new material you are going to be sharing and to keep it at the forefront of their minds. But why texting, you might ask? Well, the proof is in the pudding:

  • 23 billion texts are sent each day
  • 90% of texts are read within three minutes
  • 45% of texts receive a reply

People are way more likely to open and read a text than an answer a phone call, read an email, or browse the bulletin. Whether we like it or not, this is the reality.

So, now that you understand the that a text strategy can help you increase worship attendance, here are three practical tips to get you started with a church text campaign: 


1 – The Invitation Message

Send the first text on the Wednesday before your new sermon series will start. Send it around lunch time so members are reminded to invite their friends when they are with their co-workers. This is a simple reminder that a new sermon series is starting and that you’re excited about it.

You can start by addressing them by first name to make the message feel personal. Keep the rest of the message simple and low-key. Not only is this a good reminder for the upcoming series, but it’s a great talking point for people.

Imagine this guy is sitting in his breakroom at work. His phone goes off and he gets this text. It’s so easy for him to say, “Oh, my pastor just texted me about a new series at church. Sounds interesting, you should check it out.” The invite is natural and low pressure–it’s a win for everyone.

2 – The Reminder Message

Send the second text on the morning before, as a last-minute reminder. Again, keep it simple, just a note of excitement with the time and maybe a note about coffee or donuts.

This helps attending church remain on the forefront of people’s minds as they make their weekend plans. Pastors are fighting the busyness of life to get people in the door on Sunday mornings, so don’t be afraid to remind them.

3 – The Follow-Up Message

Finally, send the third text the Tuesday after the first Sunday of the new sermon series in case they missed Sunday and to remind them what’s coming next week. This can help increase worship attendance.

Speaking in a sermon series can be great because it generates buzz around multiple Sunday messages, but it can also be hard when someone misses the first sermon in the series and decides to just “catch the next series.”

Include the link to your last sermon so they can feel prepared for the next week, and encourage them to show up. This is simply giving them access to the information since they missed it and eliminating the fear or excuse that missing the first week should keep them from coming for the second.

Church Text Essentials to Increase Worship Attendance

  • Build Excitement – Give them a reason to show up.
  • Make It Personal – Address them by first name.
  • Ask Them To Invite Others – Send during work hours so they can share with their friends or co-workers.
  • Don’t Back Down – Just because they may not have come Sunday, doesn’t mean they wouldn’t love the rest of the series.
  • Send Sermon Link – Give them a link to last week’s sermon so they have no excuse based on the series to not show up the following weeks.

Make sure you check out this free guide all about the Sermon Series Attendance Bump to get specific examples and a visual to help keep the process simple. Take it from the thousands of success stories from other churches using this simple method to increase worship attendance by 10% or more. It is as easy as text messages 1, 2, 3.