Social media may be the best unused tool that any church has at their disposal. The financial cost is nearly free, you have expert users in your congregation that could own the usage of it, you have so many stories to tell to people who are not attending a church anywhere, and it is all just waiting for you to jump on board. Yet, simply getting your church a social media network is only the first step in utilizing the full potential of the network. Instead of just working on getting a person to do social media, consider putting together a whole social media team that can help you make the most of your online presence.

The infographic below is keyed into making and establishing a social media team within an organization, but I have taken it and interpreted it for a church organization.

  • Only 27% of organizations have a dedicated social media team. It would be interesting to see how many churches have one. I can guarantee it is much lower than this statistic.
  • One huge takeaway for a church from the infographic below: 25% of companies use interns to help with some aspect of social media. Get them involved at your church!
  • Qualities you should look for in a church social media volunteer: 3-5 years of experience, writing skills. Things you should not worry as much about: a degree without experience and a business background.
  • Social media for your church should be as much about marketing and public relationships with your community and a large audience of non-church goers as it should be about reaching those within your community for support, encouragement, and digital mentorship.
  • A good place to start is to download our latest eBook Social Media and the Church to get you started.


[Image via Ragan]

What do you have in line to create a great social media team for your ministry?