Hashtags are at the forefront of social media conversations everywhere and have even gone mainstream thanks to Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timerlake’s latenight spoof that still makes me laugh (warning: one bad word bleeped at the end). My husband and I even came up with our own hashtags to say to each other in code . . . the kids have caught on and now they “hashtag” each other.

How important are hashtags in Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram marketing? Pretty important. Here’s a quick rundown explaining why:

Facebook #hashtags can help your brand

Expand its reach – You can help people interested in niche topics find each other and join the conversation.

Amplify the brand – You can help an idea or new product catch on by branding your Facebook page with your own special hastag. Give people an easy way to share information about that product or idea.

Cross social platforms – You can post to multiple platforms with the same post now that hastags in Facebook are more searchable.

Promote specials and events – You can use a special hastag in your posts to highlight promotions taking place on other platforms.

Capture new fans and potential leads – You can gain the opportunities to reach like-minded individuals within key audiences and get them to engage with your page or cause.

What hashtags are you using to brand your church? How has this played a role in your overall church marketing plan?