Will Google dominate the world? Well, some folks think so. Think you can hide, no so fast. Google has location awareness built into everything — all maps, all operating systems, perhaps even every room in your house. You can run, you can hide . . . but Google will eventually find you.

In the future, Google will help you locate your house keys, remind you what tools you loaned to a friend, and even your care will drive itself to retrieve both. (Google Promises a Self-Driving Car in 4 years)

  • Currently: 20% of all Google searches are ‘where’ queries.
  • Giving Google 70% of the ‘where’ query market
  • Location based services keep smartphones running.
  • Cameras like trecker are attached to Google’s self driving cars
  • 25 of which have logged 600,000 miles in California.
  • Streetview has images in 1/4 of the world’s countries.

Does Google’s aim fringe on privacy rights? How do you think this will help or hurt churches and church members?

google world domination