It is a beautiful thing when the incomparable Word of God can be paired with the very best technological advancements to advance reading, understanding, and application. That’s what we see with a line of new Bibles paired with a Bible app called Filament. 

In one vital sense, the Bibles in the Filament Collection are exactly what you expect. They present God’s Word in a simple, elegant format that is easy to read and carry. Additionally, each page includes valuable resources through a simple but powerful app. The app delivers content to help readers understand the Biblical message and apply it to their lives.

An Accessible Bible Study Tool

Most Christians want to have a better relationship with the Bible, but there are a few barriers in their way. On one hand, they need to connect directly to God’s Word with no distractions. This direct relationship with the Scriptures is essential in a world filled with disruptions and agendas. Therefore, a simple Bible with nothing but a clear translation of the Bible is essential. 

On the other hand, Christians don’t always have ready access to resources to help when needed. The Bible is an extensive, ancient collection of writings. With a Filament Bible, readers have access to expertly-curated content. They can use this content to help them engage more deeply as they read. A simple Bible ideal for undistracted reading plus an app that provides targeted help leads to greater confidence for everyday Christians as they seek to engage deeply with the Bible. 

Technology vs. Print

For some people who primarily use apps for reading the Bible, it might seem like a step backward to bring a print Bible into the picture. For others, the idea of including their smartphone in their time with the Bible feels sacrilegious. However, we believe bringing the two formats together leverages the best of each. This combination brings their strengths together to create a Bible experience that hasn’t previously been possible. Print is ideal for the Bible itself—a sacred, unchanging text that we desire to connect with deeply. Studies have shown consistently that reading in print is better for attentiveness, comprehension, and retention. 

The smartphone app can come alongside the print Bible to deliver dynamic, curated supplementary content to aid in understanding the Scriptures. This is valuable content, but it isn’t always needed and doesn’t require the same level of permanence in our lives as the text of the Bible itself. The print edition has nothing but God’s sacred Word. The app contains nothing but valuable content to improve engagement with the Bible. Keeping these two kinds of content separate (but linked) makes for a better experience overall.

One of the great things about the Filament Bible Collection is that the app’s content is versatile enough for almost any level of Bible reader to benefit. Families and younger believers will love the videos that provide excellent biblical scholarship in clear and entertaining ways. Study notes, profiles, theme articles, and book introductions written by some of the best evangelical scholars are helpful to any eager student of the Bible. Devotionals found in the Reflect window are perfect for those wanting a reflective experience with God’s Word. Interactive maps and infographics are great for Bible teachers in both their study and for display on a screen while teaching. 

Anyone who wants to engage deeply with the Bible will find the Filament Bible Collection experience to be just what they are looking for.

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