Churches have the opportunity at Christmas to reach people they wouldn’t normally reach. Visitors abound and it can be a wonderful time to engage with people through the use of video. Many Christian media companies exist to empower churches with modern tools to convey an ancient message.

Below are seven unique Christmas videos to use in your upcoming holiday church services:

#1 – Away in a Manger

Away In A Manger is a Christmas series based in Scripture. It is brought to life in five beautiful mini-movies or live stage performances. You can use Away In A Manger as a teaching series, a one-act Christmas play, or a Christmas Eve experience. The bundle is $99 for all five scripts, lessons, and videos.

#2 – The Mystery of Christmas (Mini Movie)

Brentwood Benson, a division of Capitol Christian Music Group, is the world’s leading Christian choral and worship music company. They produce and market consumer print, choral music, hymnals, and songbooks for the church market. They constantly strive to positively influence the world through music inspired by the truth found in Christ. In addition to offering a complete line of products for adults, youth, and children, they seek to build and foster a community of passionate musicians through choral clubs and helpful online resources. For more information visit or contact 800-846-7664.

#3 – It’s Christmas Mini-Movie

The Christmas season has markers that let us know that it is right around the corner. When we see twinkle lights and hear festive music. It’s Christmas and we know it’s time to celebrate the birth of Christ. This video is to use as a service opener, sermon bumper or transitional element in your worship services. Visit TwelveThirty Media to purchase it. They have a plethora of additional Christmas media and resources available online.

#4 – The Nativity

This is a beautiful music clip with the sweet and soothing sound of Amy Grant singing “Breath of Heaven.” The lyrics of the song compliment the scenes for the clip and really take you back in time to where it all began, creating a nostalgic experience of our Saviour’s humble beginnings.

#5 – The Skinny on Christmas

We all have our Christmas traditions. Some are good, some…not so good. Watch as this cast of characters tells the meaning they find in Christmas. Then watch as Tommy shares a true story about a powerful realization he had one Christmas. Available at here.

#6 – Saviour

This is a full-length film (51 minutes) with a modern spin on the Christmas story. It goes into how life would be like for Jesus in the 21st Century. The closing scenes show how the characters’ lives are affected by the Saviour for good and bad, with a female voice-over explaining what Christ did for humanity and how he can transform our lives.

This film was written, directed and produced by Freedom Church in England. The actors are all members of the church and the soundtrack is original.

#7 – Stardust Shine Christmas Opener

Church Motion Graphics has created a thoughtful, uplifting Christmas opener video that will be perfect for your Christmas service kickoff. Includes: HD 1920 x 1080 MOV.


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