I really, really love it when things are simple, don’t we all? So when I came across ChurchInviter, I was blown away by just how simple and sweet it could be to invite friends to church and ministry events.

ChurchInviter offers a free version that is perfect for smaller churches that will be sending out less than 75 email evites per month (no limit on evites sent via facebook or twitter). The free version is not as robust as their paid solution, but for organizations looking for a truly cost-free evite solution, ChurchInviter is a great start!

The app integrates right into your church website, right where you want it, so that it becomes easy as pie for people to invite someone to an event. I tried it out and in 30 seconds, I had sent myself a test evite. Love it!

ChurchInviter Features Include:

Easy Code: It doesn’t get easier than copying and pasting a code into your website to provide features to your visitors. All you have to do is create an account, grab the code, and embed. That easy. So, anytime you make a new evite or delete an evite from the ChurchInviter.com website, it will automatically be taken care of because of your unique HTML. There is also an option to just share a link if you don’t have a website or can’t make changes to it.

Design Your Own: The service allows you to creatively think outside the box and upload or design your own unique sermon graphics or invite graphics specific to your upcoming events. You have complete control over the design. Why use plain text and “canned images” when you can use custom graphics that make the invite visually appealing and have full control over technical aspects of the evite presentation?

Social Media, Statistics and More: Your visitors are given the ability to share the evites via Email, Twitter and Facebook. Also, from the administrative side of your “campaigns” you have at your finger tips stats of how many evites have been sent via Email, Twitter and Facebook.

I can’t wait to tell my own church about this simple service that fills a big need. Providing an easy way for people to include others – especially via social media – is a huge gain for any church and its members.

Give it a test and let me know what you think in the comment section below!