Marketing has changed dramatically in the past few years. Gone are the days of seeing an ad, locating the product online and making a purchase without doing further research. Tech savvy buyers go online to read, review and ask others about products that interest them. It’s not enough to hear about a product, they want to know about it as well. And, the explosion of mobile devices makes accessing this information even easier.

While the church isn’t selling a physical product, changes in the way people “shop” online affects us. They are roadsigns, marking the technologies we need to watch and understand.

Visitors come to our website expecting an experience like they have at other online businesses. A website that only works on a desktop computer or a stripped down mobile-only site doesn’t cut it any longer. Fast, consistent, attention holding, cross device websites are the expectation.

The following infographic from Signal outlines changes in the way people buy online. As you look over the information, consider the implications on your church and ministry.

How will your church respond?
creating cross device consistency is key to web development

How is your church approaching the need for cross device consistency?

What solutions are you using to reach people online, regardless of the device they use?