If you have kids, whether you have one or more (I have four, so just utter the word college and I break out in a cold sweat), you’ve probably thought about college and the rising costs. Most of us Gen Exers and Millennials have gone to college, and some of us are still paying off loans fifteen years later.

This infographic below has some interesting data on current college costs and what that degree would earn you during your lifetime. Have you seen that infamous Forbes list of the worst college majors? Well, religious studies made #4, my degree in English made #10.

75% of Americans think college is too expensive. While scholarships, grants, and loans make it possible for millions, your loans may become too much for you to handle if you struggle finding a job coming out of college. Thinking about your desired college’s reputation, the value of the specific degree you are planning on starting, and the job opportunities that are going to exist around that major in the future will help reduce the chances of a loan default.

Your goals with going to college can be personal development, learning unique and desirable skills, networking, and yes even earning that diploma required for many higher paying jobs. This will help make a college education worth it. We wish you good luck on this journey. Do you think a college degree is still worth it? Let us know in the comments below.