With mobile phone use at an all-time high, it’s no wonder that churches and nonprofits are looking to harness this unparalleled communication device to keep people attuned to their unique organizations. Over the past two years, ROAR has developed a robust offering of app features and coupled it with inexpensive pricing to meet the needs of churches and nonprofits. Now, ROAR is adding to its features the ability to accept donations and credit cards using a mobile device and card swiper through its partnership with Merchant Focus, and social community functionality through its partnership with WeLink.

We want to provide church app solutions that fit the needs of small churches on up to mega churches. Online giving and social community are a big piece of the puzzle. That’s why we’ve added the ability to accept credit cards along with social community features,” comments Matt McKee, CEO of ROAR.

There are now three church app options with ROAR:

1)    Base app with information (Events, locations, QR scanner, RSS, video podcasts, prayer wall, and more)

2)    Base app with information plus social community (Detailed profiles, social discovery, social media streams)

3)    Base app with information, social community, plus giving (Forward facing giving app with swiper to take credit cards)

Charitable Giving and Mobile Credit Card Acceptance

The giving functionality of the church apps will include a forward facing card swiper so that church staff can accept donations on the spot through their smartphones. Givers will also be able to give via their app directly.

We love what ROAR is doing for churches and nonprofits and are excited to provide the giving functionality, which includes a card swiper and mobile credit card acceptance, so that these organizations can take donations and credit cards right from their mobile device at anytime,” says John Waldron, CEO of Merchant Focus.

Church App Social Community

Churches and nonprofits can now build a private social community within their mobile app; users can join said communities and instantly be connected to others.  App users can take advantage of WeLink’s user profiles that automatically process and display social profile data on users from LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and many more.  Included are search, discovery, and communication tools that allow app users to find, message, and connect with other members in the church app social community.

Engaging in a partnership with ROAR provides a powerful avenue for WeLink to positively affect the non-profit and church communities,” notes Karthik Manimaran, co-founder of WeLink. “I see WeLink’s social community module as being a perfect complement to what ROAR has created, and I am thrilled for the opportunity to work together.”

December ROAR Promotions

T-shirt Campaign – For every 100 t-shirts ROAR sells, they will give away an app to a nonprofit for LIFE. Shirts are $15 plus shipping. T-shirt buyers can “vote” for their nonprofits on Facebook with their t-shirt purchase.

Free Setup – New nonprofit customers can save $1,000 and get free setup on any new app development. For $75 per month for the first year, the organization will receive a fully-developed app for iphone/ipad/android plus a mobile website.

[Full Disclosure: ROAR is a valued site sponsor of CTT.]