Getting rid of the printed church bulletin might be not be feasible for a number of different reasons. Although technology aims to replace paper and other technologies, sometimes, well, most of the time, a blend of old and new just might be a good fit.

In talking with multiple churches, we’ve found some good ideas to help you get moving in the right direction:

1) Digital Signage Display Screens

Placed in the church lobby, hallways, or in the sanctuary on big screens, announcement slides can run before, during, and after the services as well as throughout the week while other events are taking place. During the week when youth group meets and Bible studies are in session, people are constantly seeing the most current announcements to keep abreast of important events.

2) Pulpit Announcements

Again and again, churches have shared that the best thing to do during the service is NOT to overshare and drone on and on with five or more announcements that may, or may not, apply to everyone. Pick the top three announcement to share from the pulpit. Some churches like to occasionally eliminate the announcements or reposition them at different times in the service from week to week to keep things fresh. Try not to give 10 different announcements from the pulpit. Instead, pick your top three and help your people know what’s most important.

3) Weekly Email Communication

If you’re not already, sending a weekly “what’s coming” church-wide email blast with the news of the week along with a sermon preview will go a long way in keeping your members up-to-date. Email is still king in terms of effective communication for many people. In your weekly email communication with members, include the week’s announcements somewhere in the body of the email. If possible, include links to sign-up pages online or any other online links that are vital to the announcement.

4) Church Website

Although your church website might not be a destination that members visit for announcements, it’s really important to be consistent. Update the church website along with the print bulletin, screen announcements and email communication

5) Church App

If your church has an app or mobile website (or wants to skip these and use a solution to help out like Service-Sheets), these locations should also be kept up-to-date with the new announcements. Some solutions can automatically update from one location and push to the app, the website, etc. taking away the hassle of having to update multiple places each week.

Overall, setting up a plan to help you “roll out” the week’s new announcements via print, visual, online, email, etc. can help you avoid forgetting something important. The end result is people who are more plugged in to your church community.