You might be ready to start using a worship software package that will allow you a greater deal of flexibility over PowerPoint.  There are a variety of software packages available, but the important question is how do you decide which one will best fit your church’s needs?

Easy Worship is one of the most commonly used software packages.  It provides both the King James and American Standard version.  This will allow you to chose scripture on the fly.  It features an easy to use interface, supports dual video outputs, and has a whole host of transitions to chose from.  It also allows for use of live video.

Another common software package used is Song Show Plus.  It has an even more extended feature-set.  This software also allows for dual monitors, video, and had a database of over 6,000 songs.  While simple, it offers more video control over Easy Worship.  Both packages allow you to overlay text over graphics and video.  This is an especially cool feature if you are looking to put either the words of a sermon or the words of a song over a special background, photos, or a video.  I have seen special videos used under lyrics during Easter and Christmas celebrations, and they can certainly enhance the service.

A third commonly used package is Presentation Manager.  While I have heard of this software being used less than the first two, this particular package is especially well-suited to smaller churches.  If you are a church on a tight budget, simply looking for a PowerPoint replacement, without many of the bells and whistles, this could be a good choice.  It provides a flexible format, with an easy-to-use interface.   Many of these church presentation software packages are available to try on a free trial basis.  I would suggest trying several of them before purchasing, just to make sure it is exactly what you are looking for.

Media Shout is also a great option and used by many churches. ChurchTechToday has also reviewed some great options here. If you’ve used one of these software packages at your church and can post a comment about your experiences to help others in a similar search here, we’d love to hear from you.