Budget Friendly Church Communications ebookIf you were leading the typical church 20 years ago and wanted to share something, a single announcement would cover it. And if you were looking for more information, a phone call was your only option.

A lot has changed since then. We’re busier, more distracted, and our church members expect information at their finger tips.

How can the church keep up when…

  • We have limited time and resources
  • The typical person needs to hear about an opportunity 3-7 times before they will respond.
  • Reaching our community requires using multiple communication channels to connect and see results

I know the challenges, I’ve been there.

So how do we get our churches message heard and seen without breaking the bank?

This new eBook, created in partnership with RAD-Ideas lays out a plan. From print, to social media, to email and websites, this will help you get your message shared on time and on budget.