Apple TVWith the release of the new Apple TV device, Apple has opened up it’s app store to developers.

What does this mean for churches?

If means you have a new and very exciting way to reach your congregation with videos and live streaming.

Past models have been used by churches as an affordable way to share videos or content inside the building.  For only $149, the church could connect it to the projector and the internet and display a slideshow or a movie.

Now, these churches can have their own custom channel on Apple TV where they share their videos and livestream for the congregation to watch at home.  Churches have been using Roku devices this way for a couple of years now, but the Apple TV is built on a much more robust platform and offers a much better user experience.

It seems Apple TV is set to become the standard viewing device in most homes as the cord cutting trend is rising rapidly among homes with traditional cable or satellite TV.  This trend is most common among young adults and most of today’s children will probably never have cable or satellite in their home in the future.    If the first few months is an indication, Apple TV will be the go to alternative when departing from traditional TV.

So how does your church use this new technology to reach it’s congregation and spread it’s ministry?apple tv big screen

Get an Apple TV app for your church and start putting your content on it.  The hardest and most expensive way is to hire a developer to build a custom app for your church.  The simplest and most affordable way is to use a streaming service like and let them build it for you.  Most church streaming providers are working on adding Apple TV to their offerings. was the first of these companies to get their churches on Apple TV and they offer the service free to their customers.

Apple TV is a great tool for churches to use to keep up with today’s technology driven society and stay connected with the congregation.  Ask your streaming provider about adding an Apple TV app for your church or give a call to a provider that does offer it.