Churches hate to talk about tithing or money. Nobody likes to ask for money, but issues do come up within church life where finances need to be addressed.

But it needn’t  be little black cloud that hangs over a church’s head with solutions like Church Community Builder that offers an easy web-based church management system that integrates online giving with membership management.

For ministries that do pledge drives or want easy-to-create reports for the end of year giving to give to congregation members, By The Book has all of that and more. And with the infographic below showing a promising report of giving for 2013, you need to make sure everything is in order.

  • 79% of large churches are growing and therefore 83% of them expect meet their budget this year.
  • 70% of large churches saw an increase in tithing, 28% between 6-10% increase.

Using a video email marketing tools such as BombBomb to promote pledge drives or capital campaigns along with regular inclusion of links to the giving page on a church’s website is key.

Additionally, as church attendance increases, giving per person decreases. A company like Elexio or ICON can provide you with online giving, funds reports, and help improve this giving per person significantly.

And now for the infographic with lots of helpful data about church finance and giving:

A Positive Outlook Infographic

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How are you using technology to help with church finances?

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