In this age of technological advancement, much can be said for the occasional snail mail postcard or traditional phone call. I’m a big fan of using the best church technology communication tools to reach your congregation. For some, that’s email and social media, for others, phone calls and letters in the mail might be best.

Chances are your organization is unique with needs that need to be custom-tailored for your church’s atmosphere of communication.

If voice broadcast falls into your church’s hit list, I’m sure you already know that using a traditional calling tree or email can be both slow and tedious when time is critical and details are important. By using a voice messaging service, you can reach your members in minutes so there’s no more need for volunteers to work through the tree to phone each member.

We worked up nine different reasons why calling your church members might be a good idea:


1) Prayer Chain or Requests

When there’s an urgent need for prayer or for last-minute volunteer needs, reaching out by phone can help.

2) Devotionals

Looking for ways to keep your members in the Word? Record and send out short audio devotionals to lift up, encourage, and help people connect with God.

3) Schedule Changes

Schedule changes are standard within the business of church. Help alleviate frustration by automating calls when a small or large event changes at the last minute.

4) Changes Due to Inclement Weather

In many parts of the country, snowstorms or other inclement weather can cause your church to cancel events. Keep everyone “in-the-know” by sending out a voice message.

5) Volunteer Requests

Need Sunday school volunteers last-minute? Send out a quick message Saturday night asking for willing participants.

6) Bible Study Groups

Send voice message reminders for Bible study to help people remember (especially those early-morning men’s studies).

7) Choir & Band Rehearsals

Need to rally the musicians for rehearsal? A short and sweet voice message can be just the ticket to get them there on time (that, and asking them to be there 30 minutes before you want them. I’m a worship leader, trust me).

8) Visitor Follow-Ups

Reach out to recent visitors with a personal message thanking them for visiting and asking them to come again.

9) Special Event Announcements

Keep every updated with special announcements such as recent births, deaths, or special visitors such as missionaries.


Do you have other ideas or ways that calling church members and visitors can enhance your church communication plan?