The church bulletin plays a vital role in making visitors feel welcome and members feel connected to the life of the church. Whether handed out by greeters or left out on a table for visitors to grab before entering your sanctuary, your church bulletin serves as a first impression that can shape how others see your church. Like with any other form of outreach, you want to make this impression count.

Whether you’re creating bulletins for the first time or you need to breathe some new life into bulletins your church has been using for decades, crafting high-quality bulletins can be a daunting task when you first start. Sometimes a little inspiration can go a long way. To help, MinistryVoice has created eight church bulletin templates that you can download for free today and customize using Microsoft Word.

8 Free Church Bulletin Templates

Each of these bulletin templates was designed to help your church present information in an attractive and eye-catching way. Each template is unique, original, and crafted carefully by professional graphic designers to represent your church in the best light possible.

These bulletins are four-sided, including a beautifully-illustrated cover, a back with a matching design, and two interior pages with plenty of room for information. Created to be versatile, each template includes a variety of possible features, including a sermon notes section, a weekly schedule, and a space for leaving visitor information.

Church Bulletin, All Four Sides

To help you create the bulletin that’s just right for your church, each bulletin template comes with two separate interior options: a white background and a background to match the cover and back:

Knowing that not every church has access to professional design software, these templates were built in and for Microsoft Word to ensure that they can be easily customized using a familiar platform. With an affordable option for nonprofits, Microsoft is an accessible tool that your church likely already uses.

The design of your church bulletins has the ability to capture attention, touch hearts, and draw lives into the fellowship of your local church family. May these templates give you a head start in crafting worship bulletins that are unique and full of personality, just like your church.

Download your free templates here.