Social media has become a more prominent communication tool for churches during the pandemic. When you haven’t been able to see people in-person, you’ve probably shared sermon videos and offered encouragement with those connected to the church’s social media channels. With Easter coming up soon, continue to build on that online momentum as you promote Easter services and encourage people to participate however possible.

Here are six ways to promote Easter using social media:

#1 – Provide Service Information

This year, we might still have to deal with a hybrid of virtual and in-person services for Easter Sunday. Use social media to communicate your service times and location(s). If you’re running at a limited capacity, you can also use social media to encourage people to sign up to attend a particular service.

#2 – Build Anticipation

Use the weeks before Easter to share the story that leads up to Easter Sunday. Post pictures of locations Jesus visited prior to the crucifixion. Share Bible verses that remind us of why Jesus had to give His life. Consider including a few quotes or verses your pastor will use in the message on Easter Sunday as well.

#3 – Promote Easter Events

If you’re able to have an Easter Egg Hunt or other special Easter event, then post those announcements on social media. Include details about precautions you’re taking regarding COVID-19 and provide ways for people to participate online if possible.

#4 – Share Videos

Post salvation testimonial videos from people within the congregation. Ask them to share how God has impacted their life and why they chose to follow Him. It’s best to keep these videos fairly short (3-5 minutes), so you might need to break one testimonial up into a series of videos.

#5 – Provide a Devotional

Consider having your pastor record devotional videos leading up to Easter. One per day from Good Friday to Easter Sunday could be a good schedule. Again, people are more likely to watch shorter videos, so keep these to about five minutes in length. Also, perhaps the children’s ministry pastor could post short devotional videos for kids to watch with their parents.

#6 – Share a Bible Reading Plan

Connect church social media followers to a Bible reading plan. You could refer them to a plan on YouVersion or you could post an image with that day’s reading the week (or two) leading up to Easter.

Social media can be a great ministry tool. Let’s leverage this technology to spread the Gospel, encourage believers, and invite people to church.

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