Creating and sharing visual graphics as a part of your church communication strategy can be extremely valuable and very social-media focused. So many of us are now conditioned to scan visual graphics for content that we’re interested in. Instagram relies nearly 100% on visual graphics and doesn’t allow unpaid links in posts, so publishing visual graphics with a mix of text, images, and shapes can really bump up your social proof.

Here are six online software options for creating captivating visual graphics:

#1 – Canva

Search for graphics, photos, and fonts within Canva, and use the drag and drop tool to create your own design. Canva’s suite includes free icons, shapes, frames, and text holders for building badges.

Pricing: Free; Pro: $9.95/month

#2 – Lucid Press

Templates for a variety of useful resources, including infographics, brochures, gift certificates, business cards, calendars, menus, social media posts, and more! Customize one of the hundreds of templates provided, or create your own.

Pricing: Lite $5.95/month; Pro: $12.95/month; Team: $30/month (3 users); Customized Quotes for Businesses

#3 – Piktochart

Create reports, fliers, infographics, presentations, and posters. Create captivating visual projects using the templates, and customize with your own graphics, colors, images, and fonts.

Pricing: Free; Pro: $24.17/month; Team: $82.50 (five users)

#4 – Snappa

Drag and drop functionality within the given templates to create your own personalized designs. You can upload your own fonts, and the platforms even connects directly to social media. Includes video tutorials, FAQs, and online support.

Pricing: Free; Pro: $10; Team: $20 (5 users)

#5 –Venngage

Venngage is a site that specializes in beautiful infographics for finding ways to visually represent data in a variety of ways. Choose a template, add charts and visuals, and customize your design.

Pricing: Free; Premium: $19/month; Business: $49/month

#6 – Visme

Create presentations, printable graphics, web and social media graphics, charts, and reports. The site includes tutorials on visual design to help anyone get started. See ChurchTechToday’s deep dive into Visme here.

Pricing: Free; Standard: $19/month OR $14/month billed annually; Complete: $39/month OR $25/month billed annually; Business: $39/month OR $25/month billed annually; Teams: $117/month OR $75/month billed annually (three users)

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