The end of the year is drawing near. For churches, Christmas is obviously an important time of the year. Oftentimes, it’s during this holiday that large quantities of people are looking for churches of their own, and it is extra important that the worship service be as flawless as possible. While technical systems are a great way to enhance a worship service, they are also a great way to ruin or distract the congregation.

Many churches are looking for new ways that they can improve their sound system while trying to keep to an extremely tight budget. While this is not always an easy task, there are a couple of ways that this can be done.

1) List Your Priorities

This is an important first step. You can spend time researching information online or find a local A/V professional to give you their advice. Once you know what’s needed, make a list to help figure out the order of importance.

Certain things are going to be more crucial to do right now over other things, and this can often be a way to keep the cost down. This is also a good way to figure out, moving forward the costs of performing all the upgrades/work required.

2) Maintenance and System Tune-Up

Some sound systems can simply benefit from some basic maintenance being performed. Having a sound company that designs and installs church sound systems can provide you with a re-tuning of your sound system that will cost far less than replacing equipment. While not every system will benefit from this, its a good thing to look at as an option. If certain items need to be repaired or replaced, they can help you out with pulling old equipment, replacing it or sending it in for repair.

3) Moving Your Speaker System

Oftentimes feedback is caused by poorly placed speakers. While this is not 100% the case, many churches who are limited in their budgets can have the speakers moved to a place where they will provide higher gain before feedback, etc. Placement is so crucial in a sound system, and this is one easy step that can sometimes be taken.

4) Upgrade Speakers

Upgrading your church loudspeakers can sometimes be far less costly than upgrading your entire system. If you deal with poor sound quality, coverage or feedback than upgrading your speakers and making sure they are in the proper place can make a world of difference. Most of the time, design software is now used to ensure that a) the correct speakers are being chosen for the room, and b) they are placed in the spot that will provide the optimum performance. While this is more expensive than the other options, sometimes this can provide the most benefit.

5) Training

Most churches will benefit from a training program. However small or large your church is, training is key. Making sure that your sound team has the right tools to perform their job will help ensure consistency and a higher level of quality.

Please keep in mind that some sound systems require more help than others, and certain measures (as listed above) will not work in every instance. The most important thing to do is work directly with a company that designs and installs church sound systems. This will guarantee you are working alongside with a company who has your best interest in mind, and the necessary experience to get the job done correctly.