The internet continually surprises me, no matter how much time I spend online.  Here are a few things I learned about the internet during my time as a church secretary:

  1. Not everyone knows how to use it. Don’t be surprised if you are called on to help someone find something online—and don’t be surprised if you are subsequently pegged “a computer person!”  If you don’t feel like you have enough specialized knowledge to go with the title, don’t worry.  You’re comfortable online, and that puts you at a great advantage.
  2. There’s more to the internet than just email. You can also connect with church members through Facebook, texting services like Groupme, Twitter, and specialized email services like mailchimp.  Which methods will work best for your congregation?
  3. The internet is more than just another way to contact people. It’s also a sort of place where lots of people spend their time.  There are lots of ways to minister to the people who “live” online, and we’ve explained just a few here.  What can you add to that list?
  4. The internet is no substitute for real, face-to-face interaction. Online churches fill an important ministry space, but can’t fully replace the fellowship you can (and should!) enjoy with other believers in person.
  5. The internet can save you a lot of valuable time in the office. Keep a Google map of your church’s location handy on your screen, ready to pull up when people phone in for directions.  Use the internet to sync up your contact lists so you and your co-workers all have accurate contact information for your pastors, staff, and congregants.  Use google to research new vendors before you do business with them, and order office supplies with the click of a button