Some agree that taking one’s Bible to church is no longer relevant, especially since most of us carry with us mobile phones that have hundreds of Bible versions on them. Is it still important to take one’s physical Bible to church?

5) Your study Bible weighs five pounds or more, and gives your hand a cramp when holding it.

4) Your church provides a Bible in the pew rack, so why bother bringing your own?

3) You have three or more kids to check in each Sunday, and your Bible gets in the way.

2) What Bible?

1) (My favorite reason) You have the entire Old and New Testaments in 41 different versions and 22 different languages in the palm of your hand through your app on your smart phone.

My kids recently asked me why people pictured in a Bible coloring page were carrying their Bible’s to church. Our church provides the kids with Bibles for Sunday school in their classes, so they don’t carry their own. I used to take a compact edition in my purse, but now I prefer on my Blackberry – I can actually look up verses faster and even Tweet verses as I’m reading.

If you’d like to read 5 Reasons to Take Your Bible to Church and weigh in, I’m all ears.

How about you? Do you still take your (paper) Bible to church? Am I sacrilegious? Technology is changing EVERYTHING.